Wednesday, January 12, 2011

20 Must Be My Lucky Number

We made a sudden decision to visit the Habitat For Humanity ReStore today. We haven't been in a while so it's sort of fun to just go and see what they might have. Today I was surprised to see a lot of really nice vessel sinks in all kinds of colors and styles. I also went with lighting in mind, I have seen some really cool tranformations in blogland so I was hoping to find something I could make pretty. There were a few hopefuls but they were asking too much for them. So, we continued to browse when I saw this...

It is missing one of the sleeves to cover the socket, but that doesn't bother me it can be replaced. Plus it reminded me of a chandelier I have seen at Pottery Barn, a $399 chandelier...

Am I right?? Pretty close? The ReStore had it marked $30, but I was more comfortable with $20. So we took it up to the register and worked out a deal, they took $20! So far everything I have bought from there has cost me $20. Our shutters, ALL the tile for our kitchen, and now a new dining room chandelier! I will be looking for shades to put on it but hopefully I can find a deal on those too.

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