Sunday, August 21, 2011


No, not us, just some things in our house. I found a really cute little table that fits perfectly next to our front door. Right now we have a little shelf that sits across from the front door, it is cute but it doesn't really serve a purpose. So the shelf moved downstairs next to the washing machine to hold rags, laundry soap, bleach, etc... I also moved our mail/key holder that hung in the kitchen. It now hangs next to the front door. It makes so much more sense to have it there. I always found myself about to walk out the door without my keys and I would have to walk back to the kitchen to get them. Before...

After... I would like to find some little pictures to hang above the lamp. I know that corner looks really bare now, but I eventually want to get a little bench and put some hooks on the wall. Right now we don't have a landing area for purses or jackets so I think that would work out perfect.

This is what my basement laundry room looked like. Awful, I know...
And now... Ahhhh... Don't be too impressed, all the crap you saw in the first picture was just moved somewhere else for future organizing. I was originally just going to put my detergent on top of the shelf. But, as I was folding the rags and "junky" towels to put on the shelves I realized, "Holy crap! I have a folding surface now!" So I put the detergent and bleach and such on the top shelf and rags on the bottom shelf. Perfect!

I did all of this while breaking in my new Toms! Two Birds, one stone... And yes I'm using Roscoe as foot rest. He didn't seem to mind.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Productive Weekends

We haven't had a productive weekend in a long time. Between the crazy weather, holidays, and a wedding, we haven't had many opportunities to work on anything. Last weekend the weather was amazing. That gave us a chance to work outside a little. This weekend... not so great, cold, wet, and yucky. But, between the two weekends we were able to mark some items off of our to do list.
We added edging to our flower bed. We were having a problem keeping the mulch in the bed, which in turn was killing the grass in front of it.

I also did a little organizing. This was my utensil drawer before, it was driving me CRAZY!
Now, it's gorgeous!!
Today, Sergio and I FINALLY hung our chandelier!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Las Vegas

We had a good time in Vegas, but we ar happy to be home. It is a very busy city with lots of things to do, and they all involved a lot of walking. We stayed at the Jockey Club, see it down the bottom of the picture... It is nothing special but for the price you can't beat it. It is mostly for owners of time shares, so from what I understand all of the room are suites. It was nice having the extra space. We were smashed in between the Bellagio and the new City Center, so the location was pretty great! The Jockey Club is connected to The Cosmopolitan, which just opened in December of 2010. So with a short walk and an elevator ride we were able to use the amenities there, including the pool!! We were on the second floor, but if your lucky enough to get a suite on one of the top floors you would have a view of the fountains at The Bellagio. You can kind of see the water and part of The Bellagio in the picture below.