Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today Was Our Lucky Day

So it is no secret that I want a white subway tile back splash like this:


And This:

And it's also no secret that we have been putting it off. Number one, because I am very scared to attempt it myself. And number two, we simply haven't bought any tile. Well, it looks like I am going to have to get over my fear because we bought tile today.

I think I have mentioned the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store before. We decided to pay a little visit today hoping we would get REALLY lucky and find a solid wood exterior door to replace our beat up metal door. Well, no such luck. They had tons of really nice doors, they just were not what we were looking for. But we did find boxes and boxes of tile!!! We weren't even looking for it I just happened to be walking by and noticed it. We NEVER get this lucky!!!

So, of course we have done the math. We already knew that subway tiles at Home Depot are 21 cents a piece. Cheaper than Lowes who have them for 22 cents. We had already figured out about how much we would need, and planned on spending anywhere from $60-&80. Well, we bought four boxes of 100 tiles. Each box was marked at $5!! That's right 400 tiles for $20!! Can you believe it?!

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