Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Here's the Breakdown...

Sergio and I have been off work for a week. And what that means is, there was some much needed attention paid to our house and unfinished projects. Today, Jeremy came over, and guess what?!!! We have steps!! And plants, and mulch!! And I love it!!!

Did you notice the front porch is painted??? If you look at the previous post you might notice it looks all ugly and partially brown with chipping paint. Not anymore! That was my project.
Also in the works, is our basement. I don't have any before pictures, you should be thankful, it was gross. It had a drop ceiling, moldy drywall, and it smelled real bad. The smell was an easy fix and that is my favorite part, that is all I needed to make me happy. But thanks to a good friend we now have fresh drywall, installed professionally and correct.

See this bathroom? It had a wooden toilet seat and a teeny tiny, really ugly vanity. All that, gone... Also see where there is a gray rectangle on the floor by the doorway? There was a bump out right there that made the doorway and bathroom feel really small. So we got rid of that and now its soooo much better!
Sergio has spent most of his week in the basement. I have helped a little down there, but I must say it has been nice to kinda sit back and watch him take charge of a project.

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